Pure Vanilla Caviar from Madagascar

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      Pure Vanilla Caviar of Madagascar 25gr in reclosable aluminium box.


      A point of knife will be enough to perfume your favorite desserts like a Crème Brulee with Madagascar Vanilla!


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      This vanilla caviar is equivalent to about 30 whole vanilla beans.


      Fresh vanilla pulp (caviar) from whole vanilla beans from Madagascar. and natural aromatic oil of vanilla.

      Harvest 2020 / Moisture content: 25% / Vanillin content / 1.5%.

      This Vanilla Caviar is simply a fresh concentrate of vanilla pulp extracted from whole beans. Not to be confused with the economic exhausted vanilla beans generally used by industrialists to create a visual effect Vanilla in their preparation in addition to synthetic vanilla flavors.

      Easy to use because no need to split the beans, a knife tip will suffice to perfume a dish.

      The hermetic reclosable box Mada Spicy allows you to preserve your Vanilla caviar in the best conditions.

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