3 Real Tahitian Vanilla Pods

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      3 Black vanilla pods 100% of Polynesian origin cultivated in an artisanal way on the beautiful island of Raiatea, renowned the world over for the gastronomic quality of its vanilla pods.

      Harvest 2021. Pod size: 12 / 13cm. Net weight with packaging: 11gr

      Humidity rate: 40/50%

      Vanilla vacuum-packed for better conservation.

      Spicy Deli invites you to enhance your dishes, pastries and desserts with its "real" Tahitian vanilla, cultivated with passion on the island of Raiatea in an artisanal way. A rare and exceptional vanilla prized by great chefs.

      Raiatea vanilla is a vanilla with pure and intoxicating scents with dominant warm floral notes and aromas of cocoa and liquorice that come straight from French Polynesia

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      Tahitian Vanilla:

      "The black gold of the Pacific"

      It's The Best Vanilla in the World! Spicy Déli has selected its "excellent" Vanilla pods, harvested by passionate Polynesians on the island of Raiatea nicknamed "the sacred island" of French Polynesia.

      Harvested at full maturity (10 months), Tahitian vanilla is therefore saturated with aromas!

      Tahitian Vanilla pods are flexible and extremely fleshy.

      Its UNIQUE aromatic components give it an intense and incomparable fragrance, prepare yourself for an exceptional culinary journey ...

       Authentic, Tahitian Vanilla has a powerful, original and sweet fragrance with flavors of cocoa and liquorice.

      Noble product, our Tahitian Vanilla, of very high quality, is adored by the greatest chefs.

      On the kitchen side:

      You will undoubtedly succeed with your traditional pastries, crèmes brules, Tahitian Vanilla ice cream, but not only!

      Integrated in your preparations of savory dishes, such as fresh duck foie gras seared with Tahitian Vanilla, you will be a big hit with your guests.

      Conservation side:

      If you have a wine cellar, then put your exceptional pods with your best vintages, it will feel wonderful! Otherwise, tightly closed and hop in

      the fridge crisper.

      Do not hesitate any longer, you will not be disappointed with the quality brought to our selection of these exceptional vanilla beans.

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