Tahitensis Vanilla Pods / 12 to 16cm / 3 Pods

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      Black Vanilla Tahitensis in pods . Net weight in packaging: 10g/0.35oz

      Origin: Papua-New-Guinea

      Harvest 2020. Pods size: 12/16 cm for 10g/0.35oz of vanilla (3 Pods)

      The very aromatic pods are unsplit, soft and full of vanilla beans.

      Humidity rate: 20/30%

      Vanillin rate: 1.5 to 1.8%

      Vanilla vacuum-packed for a better conservation

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      Vanilla Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea or Vanilla PNG.

      Spicy Deli invites you to sublimate your pastries and desserts with its Tahitensis vanilla (vanilla plans of Tahiti origin) grown in Papua New Guinea. Very aromatic with spicy floral and sweet notes, our black ebony pods are supple, fleshy and oily. Less known than its Malagasy cousin, this vanilla has nothing to envy it. The quality of the maturing and the powerful aromas of this Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea will surprise you.


      Spicy Deli has chosen to select its Tahitensis Vanilla pods in Papua New Guinea.

      WHY ?

      Papua New Guinea has exceptional terroirs, ideally located, it is cultivated sparingly facing the Pacific Ocean.


      Considered the "cousin" of Tahitian Vanilla, our Tahitensis Vanilla pods have an extraordinary fragrance developing a delicate, warm, woody, spicy aroma with floral scents.

      The pods are thicker because they contain more vanilla seeds (called caviar) when compared to Planifolia (Vanilla grown in Madagascar)

      Vanilla Tahitensis from Papua New Guinea is a Quality vanilla: the pod is fleshy, shiny and oily to the touch, it must be supple and must be able to wrap around the fingers, a sign that the vanilla bean is not too dry and quality.

      How to use: 

      Flatten the pod with the back of a sharp knife (not a serrated knife) then split the pod in half lengthwise with the tip of the knife. Then scrape off the vanilla seeds (vanilla caviar) still using your knife. Do not throw away the exhausted pods because they can be used to make vanilla sugar for example (insert one or two pods in the middle of your sugar pot)

      On the kitchen side:

      You can use it like a traditional vanilla bean, but its aromatic subtlety will allow you an alternative to your favorite desserts! Integrated into your preparations of sweet and savory dishes, Vanilla Tahitensis will make your island dishes a taste orgasm! Make your taste buds travel by preparing a Chicken with Thyme and Vanilla!

      Conservation side:

      Our pods are hermetically protected, we suggest you keep them in the vegetable drawer of your fridge, be careful to seal your pods tightly after use.

      Big “crush” for our Vanilla Tahitensis pods from Papua New Guinea offering excellent value for money.

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