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      Tandoori" spice mix in resealable food grade kraft bags. Net weight 100g/3.53oz. Spicy Deli resealable eco-bag protects your spices from humidity and preserves all their taste. The famous Tandoori chicken will have no more secrets for you! Amateur of Indian cooking, this Tandoori spices mix will be useful in your preparations.

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      - Tandoori" spice mix in resealable food grade kraft bags. Net weight: 100g/3.53oz. The reclosable eco-bag Spicy Deli protects your spices from humidity and preserves their taste.

      - Ingredients: sweet pepper, garlic, hot pepper, thyme, coriander, salt (5%), cumin, black pepper, caraway, rosemary, laurel, mixture of various spices.

      - Information: Spices are the basis of Indian cuisine and make it colorful and tasty. They are used differently in different regions. The tandoori (more commonly known as "tandoori spice") is native to Punjab, a region in northern India. Our tandoori spice blend has the advantage of no added salt.

      - Cooking: Tandoori powder is prepared by marinating it with yoghurt and lemon juice or olive oil. The marinade should be left to stand for at least three hours, then cooked in the oven or on the barbecue. This preparation is suitable for different meats: chicken, veal, pork, lamb, beef as in tandoori chicken skewers or tandoori beef patties.

      - This preparation goes perfectly with fish (cod, monkfish, scallops) and vegetables, for example as an aperitif with raw vegetable sticks with five sauces or on a mixed plate with rice salad with vegetables. The tandoori mixture can also be sprinkled directly on grilled meats. Natural product packaged in France.

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