Whole Badiane / Star Anise

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      Whole badiane in reclosable kraft bag. Net weight 200g/7.055oz. The ecological resealable Spicy Deli pouch protects your spices from moisture, thus preserving all their taste. To infuse as is, or by collecting the seeds of each star. In sauces, drinks, dishes. To flavor the cooking of rice.

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      - Whole badiane in reclosable kraft bag. Origin China. Net weight: 200g/7.055oz. The ecological resealable ecological bag Spicy Deli protects your spices from humidity, thus preserving all their gustative faculty.

      - Origin: Growing mainly in tropical regions, the star anise flower is native to Southwest China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Its scientific name is Illicium verum. Be careful not to confuse Chinese (edible) star anise and Japanese star anise, which is toxic. The latter, whose botanical name is Illicium anisatum, produces smaller, less fragrant and inedible fruits.

      - Use in cooking ? The star anise has a strong aniseed flavor with peppery notes and a hint of sweetness. Star anise goes wonderfully with other spices such as cinnamon, pepper, cloves and ginger. Star anise can be used in different forms: whole in infusion, broken into pieces or already ground directly into dishes. It can be cooked in salty dishes (pork, duck, ...) or suitable for sweet cravings.

      - A must in Asian cuisine, it flavours meats and fish wonderfully. The star anise flower can also be used infused in coffee and tea. In Europe, star anise is used in particular in the manufacture of ouzo and pastis. In Moroccan cuisine, it is mixed with spices as in Ras-El-Hanout or used in dry cookies often served with mint tea.

      - Our Badiane is prepared and packaged in France .

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