Sweet Paprika from Hungary

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      Sweet paprika from Hungary in eco-friendly ziplock bag. Net weight 250 gr. The Spicy Deli resealable eco-bag protects your spices from humidity and preserves all their taste qualities. White meat, vegetables, fish, sauces, marinades, this sweet paprika is your ally for the preparation of your recipes. Healthy side: it is rich in vitamin C!

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      - Sweet Paprika from Hungary 250gr in eco-friendly ziplock bag. The resealable Spicy Deli eco-bag protects your spices from humidity and preserves their taste.

      - Origin: From its scientific name Capsicum annum, the paprika also known as "sweet paprika" belongs to the Solanaceae family. The discovery of paprika was made by settlers in Latin America. It was then introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus in the 16th century. Today it is a symbol of Hungarian cuisine, which associates this spice with virility.

      - Directions for use: It has a discreet aroma, a perfume appreciated in tropical countries, mainly in Asia, allowing to enhance the flavour of dishes in a subtle way. Paprika powder is mainly used in Hungarian cuisine for the preparation of goulash (Hungarian onion dish), poultry dishes and sauces. It is also widely used in Spanish and North African cuisine.

      - Its discreet aroma is particularly suitable for the preparation of goulash, poultry dishes and sauces. Mild paprika goes well with cumin, cinnamon and ginger. Tip: Avoid caramelising the paprika, which gives it an unpleasant taste and pungent smell.

      - Paprika packaged in France

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