Blond caraway "Seeds"

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      Blond caraway seeds in resealable food kraft weight 100 gr.  The reclosable eco bag Spicy Deli protects your spices from moisture and keeps their full taste. The blond Caraway seeds perfume a lot of meats. Very aromatic, they are used as a condiment to flavor soups, stews, etc. ... In infusion, they have real virtues!

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      - Blond caraway seeds in resealable food kraft bags. Net weight : 100gr. The reclosable eco bag Spicy Deli protects your spices from humidity and preserves all their taste.

      - Origin: Its scientific name is Carum Caraway and it is part of the Apiaceae family. The caraway seed is close to aniseed, dill and fennel whose seeds are used for their organoleptic qualities. The caraway plant is native to the temperate regions of Western Asia, North Africa but also Northern and Central Europe.

      - In cooking: The spice is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Its particularity is its lemony and aniseed flavor. Often confused with cumin, the caraway seed is less strong. Its taste can perfume both sweet and salty dishes. The ground caraway is in particular a spice impossible to circumvent of the Eastern kitchen. Ground caraway is an excellent flavouring for cakes, breads, sauerkraut, potatoes, cheese and goulashes.

      - Our quality guarantee: Spicy Deli has selected for you the most beautiful caraway seeds by hand with a very strict sorting and grading. 100% natural product packaged in France.

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