Fennel seeds

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      Fennel seeds in resealable food kraft bag. Net weight: 200g/7.05oz. The ecological resealable Spicy Deli pouch protects your spices from humidity and preserves all their taste.

      To incorporate in all your stewed dishes of white meats, or in your fish papillotes, humm a delight, you can also roast them to exacerbate their flavor ... but did you know that fennel has many medicinal virtues (digestive disorders, menstrual pain, etc.)?

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      Fennel is highly appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine for its sweet and aniseed flavor that goes wonderfully with fish, seafood, white meats, apple desserts and sauces.

      Fennel is rich in micronutrients. Fennel, whether it is fennel seed or fennel powder, can be used from the starter to the dessert.

      Fennel can be used in infusion as an herbal tea, as seeds to germinate or as a spice. It has virtues in case of difficult digestion and facilitates breastfeeding in women.

      Natural product packaged in France.

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