Sichuan Pepper

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      Szechuan pepper in resealable food grade kraft bags. Net weight: 100g/3.53oz. Used by the great chefs, this "false" pepper will surprise you in your salty dishes (duck breasts, scallops, ...) or sweet (chocolate truffles, fruit salads, pies or crumbles).


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      - Szechuan pepper in resealable food grade kraft bags. Net weight : 100g/3.53oz

      - This pepper is named after its province of origin Sichuan, a mountainous region in the center of China. It can also be called Setchuan pepper. It is one of the oldest and best known spices in China. It was once used and is still used today to flavor teas and infusions. Each seed is composed of a very hard and rather bitter black heart and a brown pericarp that gives it its taste characteristics.

      - How to use it in cooking: Sichuan berries are perfect with raw vegetables, melons and various meats. This pepper has a powerful and warm flavor in the mouth. It produces an anesthetizing tingling sensation on the tongue that is very surprising. Try it, you will come back to it. One turn of the grinder in your dishes and it's done! Your dishes will be perfumed in no time!

      - Our quality guarantee: Spicy Deli has selected for you the most beautiful Sichuan pepper berries by hand with a very strict sorting and grading. 100% natural product packaged in France.

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