Javanese Long black Pepper "Indonesia"

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      Java Long Pepper "'Indonesia" in resealable food grade Kraft bag. Net weight 100g/3.53oz.  The pepper in the shape of "pine cone" Travel to Indonesia with this long pepper which goes perfectly with pâté, foie gras in crushed or whole in fish papillotes, dishes in sauces or soups.

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      - Java Long Pepper "'Indonesia" in resealable food grade Kraft bag. Net weight : 100g/3.53oz

      - Origin: The characteristic of this pepper is its pinecone shape, long brown color with a slightly sweet and spicy smell (cinnamon, liquorice and aniseed). Although it is not a piper nigrum like its cousins the black and white peppers, it belongs to the same botanical family of the piperaceae and therefore does not belong to the category of "false" peppers. It is one of the first peppers to have been imported into Europe.

      - In cooking: This spice is very fragrant with warm notes of cinnamon, liquorice and will give flavor to your dishes. It is not very spicy. It can be crushed or ground. It can be infused because it resists to heat. Travel to Indonesia thanks to a turn of mill of this pepper in your plates... The long pepper goes perfectly with foie gras, lamb and potato. But don't forget to try it also on your sweet dishes, you will be surprised!

      - Our quality guarantee: Spicy Deli has selected for you the most beautiful long pepper berries by hand with a very strict sorting and grading. 100% natural product packaged in France.

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