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      Combava powder from Madagascar Mada Spicy in resealable kraft food bag available in 100g / 3.53oz  and 200g / 7.05oz. The Mada Spicy resealable sachet protects your spices from humidity, thus retaining all their taste.

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      Combawa, the sun in your plates..

      Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your culinary preparations and to make your guests travel with the combawa of Madagascar. A spice with olfactory powers and exceptional flavors that reveals fresh and powerful notes of lemongrass with a slight bitter side. The combava of Madagascar is a must in the Malagasy, Creole and Asian cuisine. If you do not know this spice, we strongly advise you to discover it.

      His history

      The combawa is a thorny bush measuring 5 to 10m high, with "double" aromatic leaves and distinct form. The Malagasy peasants harvest the green fruit also called the combawa before it turns yellow. It is distinguished by its bumpy and rough exterior as well as by its small size (approximately 4cm in diameter). The combawa of Madagascar originated in Indonesia and was introduced by Pierre Poivre in the XIX century on the Malagasy lands. It is part of the family of rutaceae and develops in the various islands of the Indian Ocean as well as in South Asia. It is a must-have citrus of the cuisine of the islands.

      The crust of the combawa is commonly used in curry paste in Laos and Thailand, adding an aromatic and astringent flavor. The zest of the fruit is used in the Creole cuisine to give flavor in the "arranged" rums of Martinique, the island of Reunion and Madagascar. However, it is the leaves that are used most often in cooking. They can be used fresh or dry, and can be stored frozen. Leaves are widely used in Thai and Laotian cuisine (for dishes such as tom yum), Cambodian cuisine (for "Krueng" base pastry), Vietnamese cuisine with chicken to add perfume, Indonesian cuisine ( Especially Balinese cuisine and Javanese cuisine), in preparations such as sayur asam, and are used in the same way as laurel for cooking chicken and fish. The combawa is also found in Malaysian and Burmese cuisine. Juice is generally considered too acid to be used in food preparation. In Cambodia, the whole fruit is candied and then consumed as a candy.

      Juice and crusts are used in traditional Indonesian medicine. For this reason, the fruit is called Indonesia jeruk obat ("lemon medicine"). The oil of the rind has strong insecticidal properties. The juice also finds its use as a cleanser for clothing and hair in Thailand.

      Usage tips

      The Madagascar combawa is a very powerful flavoring so use it sparingly in your preparations. It is the basic ingredient of many culinary blends of the islands of the Indian Ocean. It brings a fresh, acidulated and lemony flavor to marinades, broths, soups, sublime chicken preparations, stews, seafood, white meats and is even used in desserts. Our best advice, run your creative side and try the combawa touch in your kitchen.

      Our quality guarantee

      Mada Spicy selected and transformed for you the most beautiful fruits of the combawa by hand. Our combava of Madagascar has been conditioned and handled according very strict rules to offer you an incomparable quality spice.

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