Mada Spicy / Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks from Madagascar

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      Ceylon Mada Spicy cinnamon in 8cm sticks. Origin Madagascar. Weight 100g / 3.53oz. Packaged in a resealable food bag with zip. Cinnamon sticks are used in baking, cinnamon can be found in many recipes for traditional cookies and cakes such as the famous Belgian Speculoos!


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      Ceylon Mada Spicy cinnamon in 8cm sticks (3.53oz /  food grade) Origin Madagascar. Packaged in a resealable food bag with zip.

      High quality Cinnamon

      Mada Spicy invites you to sublimate your dishes, desserts, drinks and hot wines with its cinnamon from Madagascar. Tasty and fine, subtle and tasty, Malagasy cinnamon called "gourmet" borders on excellence. Malagasy producers have chosen to grow a so-called "Ceylon" cinnamon which is more qualitative than quantitative, not to be confused with the "cassia cinnamon" from Indonesia, which is better known to the general public.

      Our quality guarantee

      Mada Spicy has selected and transformed the most beautiful cinnamon sticks by hand for you. Our Madagascan cinnamon is 100% natural. It has been packaged and handled in the rules of the art to offer you a spice seine and of incomparable quality.

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