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      - Oregano extra in resealable food grade kraft bag. Net weight 100g/3.53oz. Spicy Deli resealable eco-bag protects your spices from humidity and preserves all their taste. Oregano is the most popular Aromate in Italy, especially in tomato-based dishes, but also in the preparation of bread pasta with a touch of olive oil! 

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      - Oregano extra in resealable food grade kraft bag. Net weight: 100g/3.53oz. The reclosable eco bag Spicy Deli protects your spices from humidity, thus preserving all their gustative faculty.

      - Origin: Turkey

      - In the kitchen: Very appreciated in the Italian cuisine, oregano marries marvelously with all Mediterranean dishes. Dried oregano can accompany tomato and cheese dishes. It is indispensable on pizzas, in pasta and goes very well with basil and thyme.

      - Packaged in France

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