A pepper with different names ..

It will be called "Tsiperifery" or "voatsiperifery" or "piper borbonense". Let's say that "wild pepper" will be a little easier to remember ...

Where can we find it? 

A wild-tailed pepper endemic to Madagascar, uncultivated, whose fruiting occurs from July to April depending on the region. Some have tried to cultivate it but without fruiting outcome to date. We can find the wild voatsiperifery pepper in forests in damp places such as shallows near streams.

Only the red island (nickname that is given to Madagascar), well known in the world for the exceptional quality of its spices, exploits and markets this wild spice.

Quality Criteria 

The quality of voatsiperifery pepper has for main criteria the size and the moisture content. It must be large with a low moisture content while presenting to the touch a certain resistance to cracking. Gustatively, it must release in the mouth an explosion of flavors rather than pungent. Everyone will have their own interpretation of the flavors that the wild voatsiperifery pepper of Madagascar exudes and that is what makes all its magic.

From a visual point of view the tastes differ according to the customers. Some will prefer wild red pepper oscillating between orange and dark red and others will consider that black is preferable because more homogeneous to the eye.

From Picking to Exporting

The courageous gatherers able to climb with their bare hands on the trees that support the vines, which can reach a height of about 20 meters, come from the villages near the primary forest. The most common stake species are the tavolo, the bamboo and the mokaranana. They usually leave for a few days in the forest and sleep on the spot. They walk from two to six hours a day to reach the areas where wild pepper is present.

Their harvest will then be sold to the collectors in the markets which are in charge of regrouping and storing the lots of fresh peppers of the various pickers.

These collectors will take care of the drying stage and cleaning of the very variable voatsiperifery going from 4 to 30 days according to the technique and the climatic conditions of the moment. The wild pepper will finally be sold to exporters who will carry out the quality control, sorting and wholesale packaging of wild pepper according to very strict specifications in order to guarantee a high quality product for export.

The Mada Spicy commitment

Mada Spicy has chosen to associate itself with these exporters, who are also sorted according to production criteria that support the well-being of peasants and their families, favoring a sustainable and equitable farming system, to provide you with a wild pepper of incomparable quality and traceability that you can discover in our category "wild pepper".