Our history

Mada Spicy and Spicy Deli are the registered trademarks of CD Distribution SASU, this is the story of Cedric, manager of the SASU globetrotter importer pitted from birth by the discovery of new horizons and moreover an epicurean who at the he occasion of Malagasy meals organized in France discovers the magic of the spices of the red island… He quickly decides to go further by taking a direct trip to Madagascar to meet local producers and distributors. It is in 2016 that he will create Mada Spicy to the delight of fans of the Madagascan spice. It is at the request of his loyal customers that Cedric will create Spicy Deli in 2019, a range of spices from all walks of life with the aim of making the taste buds of his regulars travel more.

Our fight

Respectful of the environment, of the quality and of the traceability of the products, the globetrotter has selected for you the best Malagasy and international spices through suppliers sorted on production criteria that go in the direction of good conditions of life of peasants and their families. Trusting CD Distribution and its various brands is the assurance of promoting a sustainable and fair farming system and of acquiring a spice of incomparable quality. We have made a commitment with the EPAS of France (Public Support and Care Establishments) for the packaging of our spices. We support each other and are proud to grow together.

Our engagement

CD Distribution SASU is committed through its brands and its online store to offer you a quality service through rigorous control of shipments, delivery times respected and at the best price, a permanent stock of our spices based in France, a impactful customer service reachable by email in "contact us" or by phone at 06 33 42 56 49.

Cedric thanks you in advance for your trust.