Nicknamed "the Red Island" or "the Spice Island"


Madagascar is the Fifth largest island in the world by area, the eastern island is an island state located south of the equator, in the Indian Ocean. It is attached to the African continent (separated by the Mozambique Channel).

The island of Madagascar remains one of the richest places in terms of biodiversity on the planet.

It has become one of the largest exporters of spices in the world, due to its exceptional climatic diversity and very rich soil, factors which make its spices exceptional and unique products.

This island is a treasure for spice lovers, it offers you an incomparable sensual and aromatic experience.


The climatic environment and the richness of Malagasy lands are notorious elements of the quality of Malagasy spices.

Mada Spicy has chosen to offer you spices from sustainable and fair agriculture, from artisanal farming in a peasant environment.

For example, our Wild Pepper, also called "Voatsiperifery" is cultivated in tropical forest: we had the chance to accompany experienced Malagasy pickers, hanging from vertiginous climbing lianas in the forest to discover the know-how of picking the famous pepper. . We leave you the pleasure of watching this video by following this link: you-tube " The Madagascar Wild Peeper"

We want to preserve this particularity of the agricultural heritage of Madagascar.

We are proud to be able to provide an important source of income for the Malagasy people.


Mada Spicy has naturally selected its varieties of spices, each as qualitative as the next, in order to meet your taste expectations.

Each of the Malagasy spices has its character and exceptional fragrance!

You will find on our site "SPICY DELI" our extensive range of the best emblematic spices of Madagascar.

The spicy flavors:

The essential Gourmet black pepper from Madagascar "piper nigrum". Powerful and long in the mouth, it gives off woody and fruity notes on the palate. The tropical Malagasy lands offer us a unique black pepper of high quality, renowned worldwide in the world of gastronomy. It is a cultivated black pepper of Indonesian origin picked by hand twice a year just glowing by our courageous Malagasy peasants who after cleaning and drying will give us this beautiful black and whole berry with wrinkled skin of a size varying from 3 to 5 mm

The emblematic Wild Pepper "voatsiperifery" available in black, red and white:

The main criteria for the quality of voatsiperifery pepper are size and moisture content. It should be large with low humidity while still showing some resistance to cracking to the touch. Gustatively, it should release in the mouth an explosion of flavors rather than spice. Everyone will have their own interpretation of the flavors that Madagascan Voatsiperifery wild pepper gives off and this is what makes it all its magic.

The pretty Pink Berries of Madagascar nicknamed "The Madagascan Ruby Pearl" It is a tree that can reach fifteen meters in height which was introduced by the Creole colonists and grows on the east coast of Madagascar. For practical reasons, the tree is limited to three meters. The berry clusters will become more and more pink as they ripen. They will then be harvested, dried and seeded manually.

Scorching Bird Pepper or Pili Pili: One of the hottest peppers in the world (force 8 out of 10 on the Scoville scale) Do you know this small, long, thin chilli that is bright red in color when ripe? Mada Spicy has selected for you the most beautiful chili peppers from Madagascar to use sparingly!

The tasty freeze-dried Green Pepper from Madagascar: Mada Spicy has selected for you the most beautiful fresh green pepper berries. They were preserved in brine in Madagascar and then exported to Germany to undergo the freeze-drying process. The guarantee of freeze-dried green pepper of an incomparable level of quality. Freeze-dried green pepper is a must for making green pepper sauce!

Finally The purity of the Fleur de Sel from Madagascar (sea salt flower from Madagascar), nicknamed "Madagascar's white gold"!

Bright white, it is 100% natural and without additives.

It comes from the salt marshes of Ifaty, a Malagasy village located about thirty kilometers north of Toliara, on the southwest coast of the island, which benefits from ideal conditions for the harvest of La Fleur de Sel: Sun and Wind

It is this place of harvest that makes all the difference between an ordinary fleur de sel and La Fleur de Sel from Madagascar, with a much more subtle taste.

Rich in magnesium and trace elements, it is a diamond in its purest form!

It is usually used as a final touch on a nice prime rib for example but also in your stews.

Sweet and delicious flavors:

The most famous gourmet spice in the world: MADAGASCAR VANILLA

Black Vanilla Gourmet: its botanical name Vanilla Planifolia

Vanilla Planifolia: as an aromatic plant, the composition of the vanilla "pod" after treatment is very rich in aroma compounds.

In particular in vanillin. The “pods” have a vanillin potential of 50 g / kg.

At the end of the process, they contain on average 20 g of vanillin per kg, ie a final yield of approximately 40%.

This species of vanilla is the one with the highest level of natural vanillin and it is in Madagascar where you find the best vanilla beans.

Among the most famous spices of Madagascar, Ceylon Cinnamon in powder or sticks: Tasty and fine, subtle and tasteful, Madagascan cinnamon called "gourmet" borders on excellence. Malagasy producers have chosen to cultivate a so-called "Ceylon" cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon grown on Madagascar is native to Sri Lanka. The cinnamon tree can reach fifteen to twenty meters in height in its natural state. For practical and productivity reasons, growers limit it to a height of two meters by multiplying young shoots.

Mada Spicy has selected and transformed the most beautiful cinnamon sticks by hand for you. Our Madagascan cinnamon is 100% natural. It has been packaged and handled in the rules of the art to offer you a spice seine and of incomparable quality.

 Madagascar cloves, nicknamed "the queen spice" available in cloves or powder, Madagascar cloves come from the "Syzygium aromaticum" clove, a tree of the "Myrtaceae" family of Indonesian origin. It grows on the east coast of the Red Island and can reach twenty meters in height. Before it hatches, the flower bud of the clove tree is taken and then dried in the sun. Madagascar is the second largest producer of cloves in the world behind Indonesia but the largest exporter because Indonesia alone swallows its local production.

The sparkling Turmeric from Madagascar: "The gold powder"! Madagascan Curcuma "Curcuma longa" is a living plant of the "Zingiberaceae" family of which the root "rhizome" is eaten. Madagascan turmeric originates from India and Sri Lanka and was brought by the Austronesians very early on. It is distinguished by its very high curcumin content due to the character of the Malagasy lands but also to a more qualitative than quantitative production. Madagascar turmeric is cultivated in the central-eastern region of the island. When ripe, the rhizomes will be harvested, washed and dried and transformed into a powder which will be nicknamed "gold powder" for its extraordinary culinary, medicinal and dyeing properties.

Everyone has their own job so we will not give you a course on the medicinal virtues of turmeric from Madagascar but we simply invite you to read this article “turmeric replaces 7 drugs” Curcumin as effective as certain drugs - Improve your Health ( )

The Combava, sunshine on the plates.

The kaffir lime or combawa is a thorny bush 5 to 10m high, with aromatic "double" leaves of distinct shape. Malagasy farmers harvest the green fruit, also called kaffir lime, before it turns yellow. It stands out for its bumpy, rough and bumpy exterior as well as its small size (about 4cm in diameter). The combava or combawa of Madagascar originates from Indonesia and was introduced by Pierre Poivre in the 19th century on Malagasy lands. It is part of the Rutaceae family and grows in the various islands of the Indian Ocean as well as in South Asia. It is an essential citrus fruit in island cuisine. It is the basic ingredient of many culinary mixes from the islands of the Indian Ocean.


Mada Spicy is committed to working with Malagasy farmers and thus promoting a win-win compromise in the exploitation of our exceptional spices!

Respectful of the environment, of the quality and of the traceability of the products, we select for you the best of Malagasy spices through suppliers sorted on production criteria which go in the direction of the good living conditions of the peasants and their family. Trusting us is the assurance of promoting a sustainable and fair farming system and acquiring a spice of incomparable quality.