Spicy Deli / Madagascar Turmeric Powder

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      Turmeric powder from Madagascar Spicy Deli in resealable kraft food bag from 200g / 7.05oz and up to 1000g / 35.27oz. The Spicy Deli resealable sachet protects your spices from humidity, thus retaining all their taste.


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      A high-quality turmeric

      Spicy Deli invites you to sublimate your dishes with her turmeric from Madagascar. Warm and sweet in the mouth, it releases notes of citrus with a light peppered side. Malagasy tropical lands offer us a high quality turmeric, renowned for its very high curcumin content.

      His history

      Turmeric of Madagascar "Curcuma longa" is a living plant of the family "Zingiberaceae" whose root "rhizome" is consumed. Malagasy turmeric originated in India and Sri Lanka and was brought very early by the Austronesians. It is distinguished by its very high curcumin content due to the character of Malagasy land but also to a more qualitative than quantitative production. Madagascar turmeric is grown in the central eastern region of the island. At maturity, the rhizomes will be harvested, washed and dried and transformed into powder which will be nicknamed "the golden powder" for its extraordinary culinary, medicinal and dyeing virtues.

      Usage tips

      Madagascar turmeric can be used in all preparations. It is the basic ingredient of many culinary mixes. It brings flavor and color to the dishes, removes the acidity of the tomato and it is excellent for health so do not hesitate to put it everywhere. Be careful not to put on your clothes because do not forget that it is a formidable natural dye.

      Our quality guarantee

      Spicy Deli select and transformed for you the best Malagasy rhizomes by hand. Our turmeric from Madagascar is 100% natural. It has been conditioned and handled according to very strict rules to offer you an incomparable quality spice.

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